Glass Makes a Comeback

Nikhil Girish

Google Glass, a revolutionary piece of technology touted to change the way we interact with technology, smart devices and wearable technology was met with anticipation and excitement. Google was supposedly on the brink of seamlessly bringing AR into everyday lives of people. But what should have propelled us into the future was on the receiving end of widespread criticism. The wearers of Glass were ostracized by society for concerns of privacy, nobody wanted people wearing a device with a camera on it at bars, restaurants, movie theaters or any such place. They were further ridiculed with the appearance of Glass, giving the user a ‘dorky’ appearance. Furthermore, the price put it out of the reach of many potential customers. The battery life didn’t match the device’s marketing videos of being an “all-day” wearable. There were many more pitfalls, so much so that the search term most associated with glass is, “Is Google Glass still a thing?”. Google has since learnt from its failure and has quietly worked on Glass and found a new market for it, a market that appreciates the features that it has to offer.

Glass is now sold to businesses in agriculture, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. Partnering with Proceedix, a digital work instruction platform, workers at these industries can now get access to step by step precise work instructions that are accessible without a computer screen and the mobility concerns that come with it. Glass also has a much bulkier frame that allows it to house a larger battery giving it a much larger work life. Glass can save companies costs in training, human error from newly recruited workers, a comprehensive pick to light system, space and resource consuming desktop/laptop computers at each workstation. Partnering with Ubimax, Glass is able to provide warehouse management solutions in fulfillment centers, allowing associates directly receive instructions from Glass versus having to manually scan multiple products and racks. GE has claimed a 34% increase in productivity and meaningful quality improvements while assembling wind turbines with Glass. In healthcare, a Glass solution built by Augmedix doctors are able to move away from documentation and charting duties and focus on spending their valuable time taking care of patients. With these developments in Glass technology, it may even become mainstream one day, taking the place of what it was meant to be.