According to the article, (, although US trade officials have been talking up the benefits of the proposed TPP agreement while it is still incomplete, they are also adamant that they will not rush to get the pact done at the expense of its benefits. “The president has made clear that he will only accept a TPP agreement that delivers for middle-class families, supports American jobs and furthers our national security,” U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said in a statement to POLITICO Pro. “The substance of the negotiations will drive the timeline for completion, not the other way around.”

While there are several issues that have yet to be resolved, they are very doable with a little bit of compromise. One tough issue that still needs to be resolved before a deal is reached is how long countries will be required to protect test data for biologic medicines. Another issue involves sorting out rules for the auto-parts industry and clinching a deal that benefits all partners in the TPP. Finally, the Canadian dairy industry would like a deal that will put them on equal footing with growing Asia-Pacific markets.