Article Date: 10/02/2015

According to The Japan Times, Japan, the United States, Mexico, and Canada came to a TPP agreement regarding auto manufacturing: a 45 percent local content requirement. As we know, negotiations regarding this topic have created quite a few setbacks. Will this conclusion start a snowball effect for more conclusions of TPP? That answer is yet to be determined as negotiations in Atlanta have been extended another day.

What exactly does “local made products” mean? According to sources, the definition has been changed during negotiations; this is expected to benefit Japan. The negotiation secrecy is really beginning to torture some nations as their fears continue to rise.

Dairy import negotiations are still slowing TPP conclusions. Canada’s Quebec agriculture minister, Pierre Paradis, has stated if Canada agrees to allow 17,000 additional tons of cheese into the country, it would destroy 400 family farms. Unfortunately for the TPP time frame, others will not agree unless there is a ‘’greater dairy access.”

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