This week, researchers at Northwestern University have been able to create “epidermal VR”. Wildly related to the black mirror episode about epidermal gaming and its harmful costs to a person, the university has gone ahead to test out their device and its ability on a virtual reality platform. The device can allow a player to feel a high five from a teammate after battling it out in a game of ‘fortnite’ or feeling the hands of a loved one from another side of the world.

This device stimulates touch through a fast, programmable array of miniature vibrating actuators embedded in the thin and flexible material that rests on top of your skin. The apparatus does not include wires or batteries and rests comfortably on a 15 by 15 centimeter sheet. The actuators are programmable to stimulate different sensations and can even give sensory feedback to prosthetic wearing individuals. The research for this device will be published in the journal Nature on Nov. 21.