Ensuring quality and uniform components is essential to the manufacturing process. Validation and measurement (metrology) are an integral aspect of ensuring quality. Current manufacturing operations rely on measurement validation by teams of people, selecting random parts from a batch and measuring to validate the entire batch.  While necessary, this is a time-consuming process that can lead to a company having to re-work or scrap an entire batch of components wasting valuable resources and costing money.

Embedded metrology is a new way of measuring and validating manufactured components, speeding up the manufacturing process, saving money, and validating every component, instead of just one from each batch.

Embedded metrology is a way to measure every single manufacturing component by embedding laser or optical measuring technology in each machine. This new smart measuring system will aid manufacturers throughout the machining process, speeding up production, ensuring quality and saving money. While there are currently only a handful of companies taking advantage of embedded metrology, expect this to become common practice as we move toward a world of smart manufacturing.


What impact will embedded metrology have on the human workforce?

How soon will embedded metrology become economically feasible for small manufacturers?

What industries will rely on embedded metrology in the future?