This article dives into the staggering reality that our society’s automotive industry is transitioning from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EVs), and at a pace that is quicker than initially forecasted. The Mobility Lens Forecaster is EY’s new tool that “provides an outlook for light vehicle registrations through to 2050” (Manufacturing Today, 2023). This software utilizes artificial intelligence to “analyze several variables that influence demand and supply when it comes to mobility, thus reflecting consumer behavior, regulatory trends, technological evolution, and the strategies of various manufacturers” (Manufacturing Today, 2023). Due to the research conducted by the EY Mobility Lens, it is clear that EVs and hybrid vehicles will begin to dominate the automotive industry by estimates as early as 2032. This discovery has revealed that the supply chain industry will have to adapt to a shift from current infrastructure to a system that can sustain battery development for EVs.