An article ( from Canada’s business network confirms the country’s attendance in the next set of negotiations taking place in Atlanta this upcoming week.  This is a big moment for the TPP overall as it could be the final round of negotiations.  Of the various commodities involved in the new trade agreement, the auto industry is a concern for a few Canadian officials.  Conservative Leader, Steve Harper believes signing the TPP agreement would be detrimental to Canada’s auto industry.  He foretasted that Canada could lose up to 24,000 jobs if foreign automakers have the ability to import vehicles tariff free into the country.  This statement was quickly shut down by Canada’s Trade Minister, Ed Fast, who’s been heavily involved in the negotiations.  Fast asserted that Canada has been strong in its demands assuring the country won’t take a hit in the auto sector.  Fast himself told the news network, “I can assure you that at the end of the day, in consultation with the auto industry including the manufacturers, the auto parts manufacturers, we are going to come up with an agreement that is going to serve the industry very, very well going forward.” It’ll be really interesting to see how things turn out after several years of negotiations are finally coming to an end.  Feel free to select the link and decide what you think Canada’s fate will be.