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In a recent article on the website sUAS News, the potential for drones as the driving force for the internet of things is highlighted. The internet of things (IoT) is based on the central idea that devices and humans can talk to one another and relay and report information. This is done primarily through sensors “at rest” that gather information and relay it to a back end data collection center which can then be interpreted for the end user. This simple idea is quickly being incorporated to drones which are capable of a myriad of functions and provide a highly mobile component. As drones become more complex, being able to integrate them into our everyday functions and processes is becoming an increasing trend. How will unmanned drones shape the IoT? What are some of the benefits of the mobile function that drones can provide to the IoT? What types of industries will most benefit from this technology?

One thought on “Drones: Shaping the Internet of Things”
  1. I thought this video was very informative. But how does this apply to situations when drones trespass on my private property? Will they have access to my internet?

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