Journalist Dan Tehan debunks all the “myths” that have been circulating the past few years regarding Australia and its TPP agreement.  Australia joined the TPP negotiation in 2008 and since then has made a tremendous amount of progress.  Similar to most of the other countries involved, Australia is in the finalization phase.  However, it appears the traditional naysayers are still trying to convince the public that TPP won’t be as promising as the elected officials have said.  For instance, Tehan disproves the first, and the biggest accusation being that  TPP has been discussed in secret for malicious means.  All trade agreements are negotiated in private before an agreement has been reached.  Making a decision would be impossible if the public had a voice during negotiations anyway.  No one would get what they want.  Tehan would go on to disparage other fictitious accusations such as: the TPP was designed to harm workers rights, it gives the right of other companies to sue Australia if said company feels Australia is working against their interest, prices of medicine in Australia will increase once the TPP is signed and more.

As you read the article, you will come to find this is a traditional case of people being resistant to change.  The TPP is designed to boost all of the countries involved in the end.  Hopefully Australia will sign the agreement by early next year as waiting only causes us to miss out on what we can fully capitalize on.  Feel free to read the article by clicking the following link: (