On the blog Smart Manufacturing an article entitled, “CIO Journal features smart manufacturing” http://smartmanufacturing.com/2013/04/11/cio-journal/ discusses the effort to make data more available to businesses. A $7.8 million contract will help to develop tools to allow easier access to data. This will allow for companies to identify and eliminate waste. According to the paper this is initial phase in a movement to make these data analytics tools more available to businesses. How does data help eliminate waste? What types of “tools” being described in this article will aid in the sharing of data? Will this have any impact on privacy of a company’s data?[wpvideo 5gYSvhgJ]

2 thoughts on “Data Availability”
  1. This is a very interesting fact. The latest initiatives in big data analytics have raised the bar and build the case for further innovations in Smart Manufacturing.

  2. Very interesting Matthew. It looks like data availability will have a big impact on the marketing industry. Great article and great info.

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