An article posted on January 13, 2016 in The Malay Mail Online,, states that Malaysian Treasury Secretary General Tan Sri Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah believes that the bulk of the criticism and unfavorable reports on the Trans Pacific Partnership online are “rubbish.” He defends the Najib administration’s plan to sign the controversial 12 country free trade deal, and he believes that Putrajaya, the Malaysia administrative city, had the people’s best interests in mind when it agreed to sign the trade deal as it deemed to be beneficial for the economy. According to Mohd Irwan, “The way they say about TPP… half the things they say are rubbish. When I read the alternative media, the things they put out there are baseless, inaccurate,” and “The young ones, they believe it.” The TPP is widely criticized in Malaysia, where critics claim that it will drive up medical costs and have an adverse effect on the country’s rice industry. Even with the criticism, it appears that the Malaysian government is still backing the TPP and believes that it will cause them to see economic growth and an increase in exports.

Do you think the TPP is a good thing for Malaysia? How much will Malaysia benefit from the TPP?