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The article “See How 3D Printing In Manufacturing Could Help Close The Skills Gap”( https://thebossmagazine.com/3d-printing-manu-help-close-skills-gap/)  reviews the US’s current manufacturing industry decline, as well as 3D printing’s potential impact for growth. With the manufacturing industry in the US at a steady decline, and a “rate of lost manufacturing jobs between 2000-2010 exceeding that of the Great Depression”, there is obvious room for concern. Per the article, “China produces 80 percent of the world’s air conditioners, 70 percent of its mobile phones, and 60 percent of its shoes”. Perhaps more damaging than the hold China has on the manufacturing industry is the misconception that “manufacturing is a “dirty” industry” which has driven away the younger workforce.

The article goes over a few ways this perception is being changed. Schools are doing tours of local companies to show the technical expertise and skill required. The article states “Companies are automating like crazy because, as a society, we realized we had to work smarter, not harder. If young people show focus in the skills needed to operate these machines, there seems to be an unlimited opportunity for jobs.”

A key component of this new “perception” is 3D printing. It not only is more efficient than traditional manufacturing production chains, but is more appealing to the young workforce because of the expertise needed as well as the innovative ideas behind 3D printing and its future growth. In conclusion, “Advantages like low labor costs overseas or large established facilities matter less, and the type of technology being utilized in these smaller manufacturing houses means the industry can attract more talent”.