CP l by Andy Blatchford, the Canadian Press

Huff Post, Business Canada presents this article where concerns of Canadian citizens and Business owners are somewhat exposed. Remember Canada is one of the 12 countries that are negotiating what is called the largest agreement in the history since those countries contribute roughly to 40% of the global economy. In some aspects some of these negotiations are completed away from the public knowledge, but what concerns Canadians today is the fact that Canada’s representatives during the negotiations have started to discuss the opening of the dairy products market. This is alarming since in the past they refused to do so. What does this represent? Farmers and environment activists say this will not only affect business for those sectors, but impose a threat for the citizens’ health care. Others say Canada cannot miss the chance of getting into these deals even if it means opening the gates for free dairy trade.

Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/07/30/canada-tpp-deal-new-zealand_n_7908448.html

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