A blog article, “State Department Lambasts Human Rights Violations in TPP Nations Vietnam and Brunei, Further Complicating Push for Controversial Pact” http://citizen.typepad.com/eyesontrade/2015/06/state-department-lambasts-human-rights-violations-in-tpp-nations-vietnam-and-brunei-further-complica.html found on the website Public Citizen, dated June 25th, 2015, discusses the human rights legislation in TTP countries Brunei and Vietnam . In a report by the U.S. State Department, recent legislation in Brunei criminalizes homosexual and extramarital relationships. These findings have brought more criticism by U.S. lawmakers to this already controversial issue.  What does Brunei have to lose/gain from their stance on these human rights issues with respect to the TPP? How does the passage of “fast track” affect the U.S.’s involvement in the TPP and do they have any say on Brunei’s human rights agenda? Should human rights issues be tied to involvement in trade talks like the TPP?[wpvideo s3ViXVSI]

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