[wpvideo qbpNwIqh]An article published Thursday November 12th, 2015 in Reuters, http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/12/us-indonesia-australia-idUSKCN0T110N20151112#pa74ddjuCpYDSgwG.97, states that according to Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbell, Australia would welcome Indonesia into the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. As of late the two countries have been trying to set aside their past friction and focus on building closer economic ties. Turnbell met Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta as part of an effort to restore economic and diplomatic relations between the two countries. Turnbell said Australia would support any effort by Indonesia to join the TPP. According to Turnbell, “If Indonesia chooses to apply to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we would support the application, absolutely.” Australia plans on sending its largest delegation to Indonesia next week, with over 300 companies planning to be represented.

What impact would Indonesia joining the TPP have on the deal? Do you think it is a good idea to add another country to the TPP?