Previously I had posted how the TPP was formed from just the original 4 members to the current 12 members and how USA has become a driving leader for the ongoing negotiations.

Andrew Robbs, the minister for trade and investment for Australia has urged them to help rush the proceedings so that Australia and New Zealand do not have to suffer from stalling at this point of the negotiations as per

Over the past few weeks, Australia has pushed for 87000 tonne sugar quota from the USA and some of the US congressmen have backed this deal, but the majority have concerns whether such high import values would be good for the US market?  New Zealand wants more from the dairy point of view, asking for increased imports from the others especially USA for their kiwi butter, cheese and milk powder citing dairy accounting for at least 30% of their GDP.

USA feels that allowing Australia to a further 87000 tonne limit would jeopardize the other countries like Mexico and their local manufacturers. The same goes for New Zealand’s demand considering that USA itself is a huge manufacturer of dairy products. The USA imports are worth more than $100 Billion in agricultural products as per

With each countries prioritizing their own demands and the fact that soon the elections for Canada followed by USA and Japan will be held, will there be a mutual agreement soon?