Amazon is testing and developing an autonomous delivery robot called “Amazon Scout.” The robot was developed at an Amazon R&D facility and is currently being tested in a neighborhood just north of Seattle, Washington to see how it performs. Through this testing and studying how the robot is performing in the neighborhood, Amazon will see if integration and future expansion is worth the investment.

For the testing phase of this initiative, the robots are accompanying Amazon delivery employees and are following very specific programmed routes. As testing progresses, the robots will operate on their own and be completely autonomous.

Amazon is always trying to find new ways to use technology and improve its supply chain and customer service. First, it tried using drone technology to deliver packages, but the drone initiative is currently on hold due to government regulations, specifically with the FAA (Federal Airline Administration).

Will this project be expanded to other industries like food delivery services?

Will other logistic companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL integrate this technology in their supply chain capabilities as well?

How long till consumers across the country start interacting with autonomous delivery robots to receive their orders?