The article published by Modern Machine Shop ( is about Internet of Things and the facts related to it. Internet of Things (IoT) is the intelligent connectivity of smart devices by which objects can sense one another and communicate thus changing how, where, and by whom decisions about our physical world are made. The seven points provide an introduction and background to the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 for metalworking companies and machine shops.

1. Key standards are creating the pathway: The ability to connect manufacturing equipment to a Web-based network and derive substantial value from these connections is more practical and compelling than ever.

2. Better, faster decisions are coming to the shop floor: When devices are connected, the data they generate can flow into software applications that create the information individuals can use to make choices that are timely and effective. Better decisions mean fewer mistakes and less waste.

3. People empowerment is essential: The individual human being will continue to play an active, engaging role in manufacturing.

4. Cybersecurity is a major issue: Cyber threats to the Industrial IoT are real, global and growing.

5. A new generation of sensors is coming:  Sensors can process or analyze this data, and they can transmit this data or make it available for collection across a network for use in a software application.

6. Machine tools will be regarded as cyber physical systems: The definition of a cyber physical system describes it as a system in which embedded computers monitor and control physical processes through a feedback loop in a networked environment.

7. Cloud computing and Big Data will play vital roles: The capacity of the cloud to store and process data is virtually unlimited and is generally more economical, flexible and secure than on-site alternatives.

Let’s simply end with a summary that includes at least three main imperatives:

Take heed. The Industrial IoT is real and taking shape here and now. It is also happening “there and then” in the sense that your global competitors are implementing it too and may be ahead with prior implementations.

Keep your eye on the prize. Better decision-making is the main benefit of creating a connected factory in which machines and people are smarter.

Start small, but plan big. Whether it is machine monitoring or cloud-based CAM programming, the initial steps have to be manageable, transparent and respectful of the individual.

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  1. I found very interesting the fact that even though internet of things is changing the way that the floor system is managed, point 3 highlights the relevance of people empowerment in the manufacturing activities.

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